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The Como Campus is the first and largest regional campus of the University. Founded in 1989, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Confedereation of Industries of Como, it has been working for more than fifteen years educating operators, middle managers and executives and promoting innovation and technology transfer through research activities and laboratories offered to companies and public institutions.
Today it is supported by Univercomo, the association linking Politecnico di Milano to all institutions and associations of the ter- ritory of Como.
Students of the Como Campus, in addition to the various University services - IT and technological laboratories, a multime- dia room to learn foreign languages and for English courses, an academic library, the tutor services for the first-year students -also have the opportunity to study in an international environment, attending M.Sc. courses in English and getting in touch with stu- dents from different foreign countries.
The project "Training Foreign Engineers in Italy" attracted to Como many foreign students; it started in October 2005 at the Como and Lecco campuses, in collaboration with the Foreign Trade Commission, UnionCamere and the Chambers of Commerce of Como and Lecco.
In November 2007, almost four hundreds foreign students result active at the Como Campus. Among them, about forty attend the international Specializing Master Degrees and about 70 are Erasmus students, who come to Como from foreign universities to enrich their experience with an international education and trai- ning programme, or to achieve a second degree within the double degree agreements that Politecnico has with their universities. The others, more than 280 students, are enrolled as regular students of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. of the Politecnico di Milano.
Among them, about 240 have joined the "Training Foreign Engineers in Italy" project. They graduated in their countries and they decided to study at the Como Campus, attracted by the quality of its M.Sc. Degrees and by the beauty of the Como territory.
Altogether, the foreign students come from forty different countries.
Thanks to the internationalization all the students of the Como Campus improve their qualification by acquiring a solid knowledge of English, an essential requirement to succeed in the job market.
They also meet different cultures, lifestyles and philosophies, thanks to the different social activities, developed by the Italian and foreign students of the Como campus: study groups, cultural trips, sports and music events, an Italian-Chinese Language and Culture course, and so on.

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