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Technology transfer projects

Water treatment: the project implemented forecasting and operational tools to monitor biological foams for active-mud plants. Four companies in the purification sector in Como participated in the research (Lariana Depur, Comodepur, ASIL di Merone e Consorzio Valsorda Bevere) together with the Water Research Institute of the CNR in Rome.

Security in monitored dumps: the project carried out a feasibility study on pre-treatment of lechate from monitored dumps. The research was carried out at the water purifier Valle Olona in Varese, managed by SOGEIVA (company for the management of purifiers in the province of Varese).

GPS positioning network in the Lombardia Region: the Politecnico di Milano signed a three-year agreement with the Lombardia Region and Regional Foundation IREALP, aimed at creating the Regional Network of GPS Permanent Stations in the Lombardia Region. In the Como Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, one of the offices of the regional GPS service is now in place.

Archeology and WebGIS: The new GIS internet tools allow the online publication of interactive cartographies both on common computers and on mobile computers (palmtops or cell phones). The Como Campus, together with the University La Sapienza in Rome, is developing some GIS internet tools specifically targeting archeology and usable by both experts and laymen interested to learn our cultural heritage.

Space project GOCE (Gravity Field and Ocean Circulation Explorer): It is the project of an ESA satellite to be launched in space in 2008. One of the three computer centers that will define the global model of gravity of the Earth has been built at the Geomatic Laboratory. The model reflects a great variety of geodynamic phenomena and it is of fundamental importance for the understanding of the oceanic circulation. The availability of the data recorded by the satellite before all the other research groups in Science of the Earth allows the planning of researches in many sectors of Geodynamics (financed in part by the Italian Space Agency, with a work group that collects 4 other research centers under the name COGE Italy).

LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and Digital Modeling of the Terrain: The knowledge of the Digital Modeling of the Terrain is fundamental in many environmental and territorial topics, from the analysis of hydrogeological risks to the planning of telecommunication networks. New technologies allow to set digital model of high resolution (1m in horizontal) and accuracy (10cm in vertical). The Como Campus has been dealing with these topics since many years and it is a consultant for many Regions about these new products.